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FHL is committed to improving the social health of communities throughout Los Angeles County. We utilize innovation, creativity, partnership, the help of community champions and thought leaders to create brighter horizons for everyone.

About Us

The Fox Hills Ladera Healthy Family Association (FHL), founded in 2008 is a 501(c)3 California nonprofit organization focused on reducing health, social and environmental disparities in underserved communities within Los Angeles County.

Combatting Disparities

Historically, the conventional approach to addressing disparities in community outcomes started with addressing the symptoms. Our believe is that to effectively reduce disparities, you must to start at the root (causes) of disparity.

Data Driven

We rely on evidence based data to inform our strategies to addressing disparity.

Expressing Campassion

Our efforts are rooted in empathy, compassion, caring and love for our extended family throughout the south land.

Executing Community Partnered Solutions

We value all of our partnerships, whether it be in delivering critical services or leveraging social capital from the communities we serve for solution building.

Our Focus

Health Disparities-Reducing Food Insecurity, Environmental Disparity-Placemaking Initiatives, Community Building- Improving Social Connectedness, Mental Health Disparities-Developing Arts & Culture and Spiritual Interventions to support mental well-being.

Well Documented

Our Studies and Publications.

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Shared Data

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